# Awsume's Developer Documentation

Welcome to Awsume's developer documentation. This is where you can find information around how the Awsume code-base is structured, to make development on the project easier.

Awsume is written as a command-line tool in Python, so most conventional Python standards are followed.

# Project Layout

  • awsume - the main package for the awsume application
  • awsume_autocomplete - a peripheral package used to make awsume's autocomplete on plugin-supplied profiles a lot faster
  • docs - the VuePress documentation location - what you're reading right now!
  • shell_scripts - the location of the shell script wrappers that are used to wrap the awsumepy executable for a given shell. This allows sourceing the shell script so your active shell's AWS environment variables can be set
  • test - the location of awsume's test files

Its environment has been described in the Pipfile, with some scripts that can help facilitate your development.

It's helpful to be familiar with the following when developing for awsume: